Abusive clauses can be claimed and cancelled. If you think that your mortgage is based on the IRPH index, contact us.
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    What is an IRPH Clause?

    IRPH is a different reference index used by some entities due to the gradual collapse of the Euribor. LIDIARE partners are great experts in banking and financial matters, as well as in consumer protection and we have already obtained judgements cancelling them. Although at present we are waiting for a resolution by the Court of Justice of the European Union which will decide on their nullity.

    How do you know if your mortgage has IRPH?

    The clauses of your mortgage have to contain the formula under which the applicable interests are calculated, and at LIDIARE we will be happy to explain your interest calculation system without any commitment. Contact us and one of our lawyers will call you to explain your calculation system and your possibilities of claiming at no cost.

    What can I claim?

    Depending on the drafting of your clauses, you can claim their nullity and the return of the excess amounts you have paid or offsetting them against the capital of your mortgage.

    In some cases, there are also the constitution and mortgage expenses which can be claimed, in addition to the nullity of the IRPH application. In other words, if you know that your mortgage is based on the IRPH rate, you can come out a winner.

    How much does my claim cost?

    The cost can vary according to the amounts claimed or the number of clauses to be ruled null and void. At LIDIARE we will give you a quote adapted to your case, and which will be received based on the amounts which the client has to receive, with no cost in the event that no amounts are refunded (whether through amicable settlement or by court order).

    Might your mortgage have IRPH? Contact us to find out if you can claim mortgage expenses and cancel them.

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          We will never send commercial mails. We will only use your data to respond to your consultation.

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