If you have disputes with the Public Administration, Lidiare can help you with your claim.
We are specialized in claims against the Administration for problems arising from road safety, like an accident or fall on the public road, as well as for expropriations and sanctions.

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    Lawyers specialising in administrative law

    Administrative law regulates the organization and operation of the public administrations from a dual approach. First, ensure the efficiency of the administrations and, in turn, guarantee the rights of the citizens in their relations with them. In short, avoiding arbitrariness.

    LIDIARE has professionals in judicial review law with deep normative knowledge and long experience providing legal advice and defending the interests of the companies, entrepreneurs and citizens against all kinds of public administration, whether local, provincial, national or European.
    In the area of administrative law issues arise on asset liability, urban planning, environment, expropriations, migration, among others. At LIDIARE we are specialists in advising in economic sectors especially linked with the Public Administration, like transport (road, air or maritime), food production and distribution, energy generation and real estate construction and development.
    We advise in the management and processing of any administrative file, whether an application or appeal, whether in a public tender, tax inspection, administrative sanction or urban planning claim. From the start and until the conclusion of the administrative proceedings, and even if necessary before the judicial review courts and tribunal.


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          We will never send commercial mails. We will only use your data to respond to your consultation.

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