Work conflicts are never pleasant for either of the parties. At Lidiare we offer expert advice in labour law both for companies and to ensure the rights of the employees.
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    Experienced employment lawyers

    Labour law is highly complex and it is always recommended that, whether you are an employee or employer, you use an office of expert labour lawyers, because this can avoid problems and provide you with benefits.
    The companies must be properly advised in labour law to make the result of their relations with the employees as good as possible and so that the labour disputes have a good outcome, or in the event of a Work and Social Security Inspection. In addition, during a change of ownership of a company, it is necessary to take into account the rights and obligations acquired by the previous company in labour matters with the workers who will join the new company.

    Another normal event in the companies are the dismissals, and it is important to have a group of lawyers with extensive experience in claims for unfair, wrongful or constructive dismissal.

    LIDIARE provides its clients with a team of lawyers with great experience in the resolution of disputes and negotiation of compensation.
    In addition, in the case of the workers, it is interesting to have a labour lawyer who knows how to defend your interests. If you need to request disability or incapacity, you must also go to an expert lawyer in labour law. Workers' unions can also go to a good labour law firm to defend their rights and have legal advice specialized in collective disputes.
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          We will never send commercial mails. We will only use your data to respond to your consultation.

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