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    Specialist lawyers in banking law

    Banking law can be defined as a set of regulations on the structure and operation of the bank credit institutions or deposit entities with their customers. This also affects the savings banks and the credit cooperatives.
    This type of law regulates how the banks must proceed when they market a product to a client. In the event that there is an infringement of the regulations, this can be analysed to claim liability from the different financial entities.
    At LIDIARE we have a team of banking lawyers with sufficient knowledge to combat bank abuses which in recent years are being declared unlawful by the courts. Among the products that the financial entities have placed on the market with illegal practices, include:
    Swaps and clips, banking products which were placed on the market as a kind of hedging insurance against the rise of the Euribor, and which actually proved to be more expenses for the mortgagor. It will sound similar to the floor clauses, which for years were included in the mortgages and obliged the mortgagor to pay a fixed amount despite the drop in the Euribor.
    We also work with clients whose mortgage has been fixed with the IRPH index instead of the Euribor, a practice that the banks began due to the collapse of that common rate and the fear of losing the very high profitability of the mortgages.
    Another of the clauses which have been cancelled is the “early cancellation”, i.e. the possibility of the banks to foreclose on the mortgage on the property with a very small period of defaulto.

    At LIDIARE we can proudly say that we have helped dozens of customers against the application of abusive interest rates and, even, usury interest. Our lawyers have faced situations in which due to the improper payments of interest already made, the client had already paid their debt and the entity or institution has had to refund the money.

    Finally, we are experts in the claim of improper mortgage expenses agreed in the deeds of mortgage loans. Expenses like those of the notary public, registration and valuation which yes, believe it, on occasions can be recovered with a good defence like the one offered by LIDIARE.
    Have you been involved in any of these cases? Do not hesitate to contact LIDIARE so that we can guide you as best as possible and start the mechanisms under banking law.
    Floor Clause

    Floor Clause claims

    These are clauses which were not explained in a transparent manner applied at the time when the Euribor fell below a certain amount.
    In practice the client began to pay a fixed amount which was not amended year on year despite the continued reduction of the reference type.
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      We will never send commercial mails. We will only use your data to respond to your consultation.

        We will never send commercial mails. We will only use your data to respond to your consultation.

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          We will never send commercial mails. We will only use your data to respond to your consultation.

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