If you have been charged with a crime, take into account that your freedom and property could be at risk. The defence you choose will be decisive in the resolution of your case.
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    Experienced criminal lawyers

    Criminal law is a branch of public law which regulates the containment of crime, through the application of sanctions (like prison sentences and security measures) on those who commit crime. The criminal lawyers are the most powerful control measure who should be contacted whenever there is a criminal charge, before taking more steps, to determine what the best strategy will be to continue in your defence.

    Poor advice or poor choice of a criminal lawyer can have very serious consequences for the client. For this reason, we advise you to place your trust in a law firm with great experience and outstanding knowledge of the laws.

    At the LIDIARE law firm we have a team of criminal lawyers with the training and capacity necessary to provide advice to both individuals and companies. We are ready to act as defence and also as prosecution at trials and appeals like economic criminal law, environmental and urbanistic criminal law, administrative criminal law, etc.

    Criminal law can be applied to crimes of different kinds. Crimes against the person are, for example, threats, coercion, assault and gender violence, among others. Within the economic crimes we have fraudsmoney laundering, theft, robbery, tax and computer crime and those related to industrial and intellectual property. Crimes against the administration son are embezzlement, bribery, obstruction of justice, drug trafficking and illegal possession of weapons among others.

    Other crimes are rape sexual harassment, sexual abuse, exhibitionism and child pornography (offences against sexual freedom), reckless driving, speeding and driving without licence (road safety offences).
    In the case of the companies, to prevent criminal offences derived from their activity, we recommend good advice on criminal compliance, a set of tools applied to prevent the violation of criminal regulations and laws.

    The minors are not exempt from criminal prosecution.. From the age of 14, children can be charged with a crime and be subject to criminal proceedings before a judge, like an adult. The measures taken for minors are usually re-education or reintegration, rather than criminal, but it is still important to establish a good criminal defence strategy.

    When it comes to choosing the lawyer to defend you or a family member before a criminal trial, try to select a firm with a high degree of specialization in criminal law, which is demonstrated with their success cases, insofar as possible in cases similar to your case. Remember that if you have been charged with a criminal offence, your property and your freedom could be at risk.

    At LIDIARE we can analyse your case carefully and propose to you an effective strategy against any criminal charge. Contact us as soon as possible.


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      We will never send commercial mails. We will only use your data to respond to your consultation.

        We will never send commercial mails. We will only use your data to respond to your consultation.

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          We will never send commercial mails. We will only use your data to respond to your consultation.

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