If you are going to start any of these proceedings you will need a lawyer who defends your interests and those of your children: alimony, custody of your children, child maintenance, termination of matrimonial economic regime and separation of assets.
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    Experienced divorce lawyers

    Family law encompasses those legal regulations which within civil law regulate the family, in particular three fundamental aspects: crisis situations (separations and divorces), filiation and guardianship.
    These regulations serve to resolve or prevent conflicts which arise between family members and spouses. A good lawyer specialized in divorce and separations will ensure the understanding between all the parties, knowing how to adopt the most effective solution in each situation.
    Annually, there are thousands of couples who separate or get divorced for different reasons. Your LIDIARE family lawyer will seek to reach an agreement between both parties to settle the problem as soon as possible. The main purpose is to minimise the harm to the most vulnerable members, the children, especially if they are minors.
    We know that a good regulatory agreement with suitable, fair and proportional child maintenance and and custody is essential to reach agreement quickly and effectively. Whether you want to choose a shared custody or a single parent custody, we will explain to you about the possibilities and we will represent you in the necessary proceedings.
    Within the area where the divorce lawyers are active, we are experts in:
    • Separation, divorce and ecclesiastical nullity: In the matrimonial crises, it is vital to have experienced family lawyers and a complete view of the possibilities offered by our legal system.
    • Breach of regulatory agreements: We are aware that a situation of separation, divorce or ecclesiastical nullity involves the negotiation or judicial imposition of regulations which regulate the relations between the parties regarding the children, marital home, etc. At LIDIARE we have experience of over 20 years in the negotiation and drafting of regulatory agreements, as well as in the obtaining of judicial measures.
    • Family violence: We believe that family violence is one of our society’s evils. For this reason, we contribute our knowledge and experience towards alleviating this type of problem. For this, we have great experience in obtaining interim measures and prosecuting in family violence matters. Our team of lawyers will advise you in all the jurisdictions.


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          We will never send commercial mails. We will only use your data to respond to your consultation.

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